Cellular polycarbonate greenhouse ARROW 3.0

Model 2020
complete with 5 sheets of cellular polycarbonate
size 2100x6000x4 mm

ARROW greenhouse for growing horticultural plants in suburban and private plots.
The frame is made of galvanized iron, easy to assemble with screws and nuts.
It is installed in 2 ways: without a foundation, by burying special ends of the frame or on the foundation with the help of fixing corners.
The greenhouse has two doorways and two vents.

– The length of the frame is 8 meters
– Frame width – 3 meters
– Frame height – 2.5 meters
– Number of doors included – 2 pcs
– Number of vents included – 2 pcs
– The presence of ground hooks – Yes
– Polycarbonate mounting method – Screws with nuts and a tie string

Operating rules

Before starting operation, the greenhouse must be assembled and installed in accordance with the instructions.
Do not install the greenhouse close to buildings and trees from which snow or ice may fall. The recommended distance is at least 2 m.
The greenhouse is designed for wind no more than 24 m/s.
The greenhouse covering for the winter period does not need to be removed, provided that the snow load is limited.
If the greenhouse is left unattended for the whole winter, it is necessary to remove the coating, or assess the possible snow load.