Connective split profile НCP base

The lower part of the detachable connecting profile, which is designed for the lengthwise connection of the panels and fastening them to the frame supports with self-tapping screws and thermal washers. Profile design allows you to make the installation process as convenient, quick and easy as possible, as well as to fix the cellular polycarbonate in two positions, depending on the required gap size. Mounting is to begin with the profile “base” by attaching it to the frame with self-tapping screws, then the sheets are placed and the profile “cover” part is “snapped” to the “base” part under mild pressure. Well-suited for both vertical and horizontal glazing, as well as for arch-shaped structures. The standard profile length is 6 meters which matches the minimum length of a cellular polycarbonate sheet. At purchase you may optionally choose to have the profile cut to the required length.

-Hermetically sealed
-Easy to assemble

Rarely used in the assembly of seasonal greenhouses, as it is priced higher than the one-piece profile, but the functionality remains the same. However, it is excellent for connecting the sheets in constructions made of thicker polycarbonate, such as conservatories and winter greenhouses.

6 - 10 / 16 / 25 mm
6000 mm
Transparent / Bronze