The company TitanPlast Ltd. has successfully passed the international social audit for compliance with the requirements of the SMETA 4-PILLAR standard

Dear partners!
We are glad to inform you that having passed the international social audit SMETA 4-pillar in November 2020, TitanPlast Ltd. is recognized as a company complying with all modern requirements in the field of labor protection and conditions, industrial safety, environmental protection and business reputation.
The SMETA 4-pillar Social Audit (SEDEX Members Ethical Trade Audit) is an international audit that assesses a company’s compliance in four main areas: occupational health and safety, operational (industrial) safety and health, environmental protection and business integrity.
The audit was conducted by SGS Minsk LLC, a member of the SGS Group (headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland), which is a world leader in the monitoring, expertise, testing and certification.
As a result of a thorough audit, it was found that working conditions at TitanPlast LLC comply with all regulations and requirements of SMETA 4-Pillar.
During the audit the following advantages of the company were noted: excellent team, openness and friendliness in communication; workers’ satisfaction with working conditions; management of technological processes; focus on results; desire to improve its operations.
Audit information is available on SEDEX’s international database. The Supplier Ethical Data Exchange is a web-based system designed to help organizations manage data on ethical business practices in the supply chain.
As stated by the Director of TitanPlast Timofeev Sergey Vladimirovich: “Successful passing of SMETA audit will allow to distinguish the company among competitors, being an objective confirmation of its corporate social responsibility, and will also allow to create more reliable systems for further business growth”.