Connecting aluminum profile

Consists of an aluminum upper “cover” clamping strip and an aluminum lower “base” support strip. Designed for longitudinal connection of the panels and fastening them to the frame supports with self-tapping screws. The design of the profile allows you to make the installation process as convenient, fast and easy as possible. The assembly requires the use of a rubber seal when installing the profile to avoid rubbing of polycarbonate sheets against the frame. Well-suited for both vertical and horizontal glazing, as well as for arch-shaped structures. The standard profile length is 6 meters which matches the minimum length of a cellular polycarbonate sheet.

-Hermetically sealed
-Easy to assemble

Aluminum joint profile is used to connect sheets in the arch, single and double pitched roofs, construction of noise screens, summerhouses, transparent skylights over swimming pools, sheds over parking lots.

cover: 8,2 mm / base: 18,1 mm
6000 mm
60 mm
Without cover